It all began in 1985 with a quest for the perfect headphones. 

After comparing the top headphones on the market, we found they all have some shortcomings, particularly in terms of resolution. We knew we could create better ones and we set out to make headphones. 

ULTRASONE headphones were designed from scratch to give you the best sound quality possible. The product line design comes from a clear vision for improving spatial listening. 

The core of ULTRASONE production and operation is simple:



‘Made in Germany’: 100% of ULTRASONE products are designed and developed by ULTRASONE engineers, and a large part of our collections are made in Germany in our manufactory.

All ULTRASONE products are hand assembled and designed and created based on innovations from ongoing research in the field of acoustics.

All ULTRASONE products benefit from innovations from ongoing research in the field of acoustics. Without compromising the music’s quality, we apply our expertise to serve a wide range of uses, from mobile headphones, and professional tools to audiophile reference luxury.

We constantly seek new knowledge to deliver a wide variety of products, from mobile headphones and professional studio equipment to luxury headphones with audiophile-reference quality.

Our only passion is to offer listeners the opportunity to fully enjoy all the emotional wealth of the greatest musical masterpieces.

With ULTRASONE, you can enjoy the emotional spectrum of an immersive music experience.


ULTRASONE Headphones Collection is your opportunity to live an entirely new music listening experience. It will take you beyond sound and allow you to rediscover the sensations provided by sound with unrivaled purity, reproducing the artist’s original work with absolute fidelity.

At the heart of the creation, music opens a world of lost memories, extraordinary dreams, and emotions. This experience embodies our intention to make each moment in life a moment of intense pleasure and exceptionality.

Beyond the pure sound, ULTRASONE headphones allow you to experience the emotions the artist wanted to evoke. The real heart of the art is the music, which reveals a whole spectrum of deeply hidden memories, dreams, and emotions, making it truly unique.

This immersive and powerful experience embodies our intention to make every second of listening to music a precious moment of inner pleasure.


ULTRASONE’s mission is to offer excellence in product design, craftsmanship, and German ingenuity. Customers recognize craftsmanship in the exceptional lifespan of ULTRASONE “reference headphones.”

Hand-assembled and carefully crafted products will be an object you can be proud to pass on to the next generation. That’s our understanding of sustainability.

Customers will recognize engineering excellence in the exceptional durability of our headphones.



ULTRASONE was born out of the idea to create a natural, three-dimensional hearing sensation for headphones.

Before ULTRASONE invented S-Logic - our famous natural surround sound technology – it was a more emotional experience to listen to excellent loudspeakers than headphones.

ULTRASONE's passion is always to offer better, more emotional, more accurate, more transparent, and more balanced sound than any other source available.

Since 1990, we have offered products raising listener's emotions. With ULTRASONE you will hear your music like you never did before.

Therefore our claim has been since 2000:

Trust Your Ears!


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“Workmanship and materials are excellent”.

“Each of the premium headphones is unique”.

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