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  • Spatial Sound Image
  • Wider Sound Stage
  • Precise Localization
  • Unique Design
  • Less Hearing Fatique
  • -40% Load on Hearing



ULTRASONE was born out of the idea to create a natural, three-dimensional hearing sensation for headphones.

Before ULTRASONE invented S-Logic - our famous natural surround sound technology – it was a more emotional experience to listen to excellent loudspeakers than headphones.

ULTRASONE's passion is always to offer better, more emotional, more accurate, more transparent, and more balanced sound than any other source available.

Since 1990, we have offered products raising listener's emotions. With ULTRASONE you will hear your music like you never did before.

Therefore our claim has been since 2000:

Trust Your Ears!


Noble technology, noble materials, noble sounds.

Open reference headphones with patented
S-LogicEX® technology.

ULTRASONE defines a new standard for luxury headphones and products.

Why did we develop this line-up?

We knew headphones would have potential to be far more than perfect companions to enjoy music on the road. Headphones certainly have the ability to give a new eye and ear-opening experience.

With Edition 8 in 2008, ULTRASONE also presented the first mobile high-end headphone device in the entire market, defining new standards in sound, passive noise-canceling, weight, and comfort, combined with stunning optical and mechanical qualities. This had not been accomplished ever before.

With ULTRASONE options for individualization, you can select unique masterpieces to your specific wishes.

ULTRASONE Eleven luxury high-end headphones.


“Airy, Balanced, and Spatial Audio”

Dynamic, open over-ear headphones with S-Logic® Plus & ULE technology.

The Eleven headphones enrich the portfolio as dynamic hi-fi headphones with an open design. 

The circumaural design features an airy, detailed sound with excellent spatial separation, offering a perfect enjoyment of a wide variety of entertainment & music – from classical and jazz to rock and pop.

ULTRASONE 8EX luxury high-end headphones.

8 EX

“A Powerful Sound Statement”

Modern workmanship meets cutting-edge technology.

Inspired by the natural surround sound of loudspeakers.

Upfront basses, crisp mids, and velvety trebles. In general, with these dynamic, closed headphones you can immerse yourself in a breathtaking world of sound.

8 EX is balanced-ready, causing both four-core cables to allow an appropriate conversion.

ULTRASONE 15 luxury high-end headphones.


“Noble Tech, Materials & Sound”

Breathtaking sound with a completely newly developed driver system: the Gold Titanium Compound Technology GTC.

Outstandingly transparent sound with enormous attention to detail.

Perfect spatial imaging is ensured by the patented S-LogicEX® technology – all instruments are acoustically exceptionally clear and precise.

 Each copy of Edition 15 a truly unique piece with its serial number.


“Unlimited Possibilities!”

Your sense of aesthetics and design is just as individual as you are.

We love unique projects and want to make it possible for everyone to experience a unique ULTRASONE moment.

Individualization down to the smallest detail and stimulating all the senses is our passion.

Get in touch with us to realize your very exclusive listening experience.

Professional Series


In the early years, it became obvious that in addition to offering our technology to demanding music enthusiasts, it would also be beneficial to offer ULTRASONE products to professionals.


In 2000 ULTRASONE expanded the business structure to professional users; recording engineers, DJs, mixing and mastering engineers, and performing artists. As it makes no sense professionals work with less than perfect equipment, while the audience around the globe has better equipment.

In 2012 ULTRASONE created the famous Signature PRO, a combination of the edition 9 sound signature and the professional design features of our PRO-Models. It offered the best possible sound for professional users.

Today, Signature Master has taken over this position in the market.

S-Logic 3 technology, ULE shielding, and even finer tuning.

The Professional Series is quite easily the best tool for the studio, at home, or on the road.


“Pure Professional Performance”

The Signature PURE professional studio monitor headphones  are tuned to accurately reproduce extreme low and high frequencies (8 to 35,000 Hz) with perfect balance.

Ideal for studio mixing and tracking, FOH, DJing, mastering, post-production, audio forensics, and personal listening.

Equipped with 90° swiveling earcups for easy monitoring.

Accurate audio and outstanding comfort, perfect for long sessions. Excellent sound isolation. Lightweight and comfortable.

ULTRASONE Signature PULSE professional high-end headphones.


“Ultimate Performance”

The ULTRASONE Signature PULSE headphones offer precision, comfort, and durability. Insight for critical audio work, and error detection.

The S-Logic3 technology with DDFs is perfectly suited for contemporary music production: Reduced magnetic fields ensure a fatigue-free experience even for long sessions.

Foldable design (for portability and storage) and cable adapters to connect to professional or consumer equipment. 

Tests have shown that the 50 mm driver setup of Signature PULSE is the optimum size for this purpose.

ULTRASONE Signature Master high-end professional headphones.


“Simply excellent”

Handmade by ULTRASONE at Gut Raucherberg, Germany, the Signature MASTER looks, feels, and sounds one step closer to perfection.

External, ambient noise is reduced while sound can’t leak out. The MASTER’s drivers are decentralized with the new DDF technology of S-Logic3 to achieve the most spatial sound signature possible.

Up to 40 % less sound pressure levels with outstanding clarity and analytic transparency. 

Only high-quality materials are used. 

Improve your Mastering results by using this MASTERpiece. 



ULTRASONE has been critical regarding wireless technologies for a long time, as we always work to our users delight.

ULTRASONE expaned into wireless market segment to fullfill the need and demand for convenience, including Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

We spent countless hours to combine our sound signature with wireless technologies to create outstanding products and listening experiences such as we offer today.

ULTRASONE ISAR wireless high-end headphones.


“Your Travel and Office Assistant”

Pure hi-fi sound in combination with an immersive listening experience – Your perfect companion in all situations.

S-Logic offers you our fascinating, spatial ULTRASONE sound signature.

ISAR incorporates Bluetooth® 5.1 and Active Noise Cancellation technologies, which will immerse the listener in silence for full listening emotion, even in the noisiest environments.

The integrated DAC offers a resolution of up to 24 bits at 192kHz – your guarantee for high sound quality!

These ergonomic headphones combine refined materials for minimum weight, resulting in outstanding comfort for any head shape.

ULTRASONE Meteor One gaming headset headphones.


METEOR ONE production has been discontinued. However, a better improved successor model will be available soon!

Play comfortably with a lightweight, cloud-soft headband, memory foam earpads, and rotatable ear cups. It’s perfect for PC and mobile devices with Low Latency mode and Bluetooth® wireless.

Meteor ONE is designed on purpose for all-day comfort for all gamers, and will accommodate glasses and small earrings.

Show off your style. Suit your mood with a soft RGB that is ready to go out of the box.

Hear the whole game, movie, music, or whatever you’re into with crystal clear and booming 40 mm precision drivers. 

Spatial Sound compatibility with S-Logic makes sure you’re transported from your space right into the game. 

ULTRASONE Lapis wireless high-end-earbuds.


“Moving Sound Without Borders”

Let the LAPIS sound accompany you through your daily life and enjoy top-level, highly emotional listening thanks to Active Noise Cancelling technology. These wireless in-ear headphones not only provide a wide sound experience with extra-long battery life, but they also guarantee full freedom of movement.

Powerful and precise drivers and the latest codecs such as aptX™ Adaptive and AAC provide perfect results.

Dual 2-mic ANC gives the LAPIS first-class speech intelligibility. This means you can be heard perfectly on a call, no matter where you are.

LAPIS has an extra-long battery life with up to 10 hours on a single charge and up to one hour of listening with only 10 minutes of charging.



  • 40% less load on hearing
  • Less hearing fatigue
  • Spatial sound image

The specially developed S-Logic technology offers spatial perception and a sound stage that is unparalleled.

S-Logic technology is the way in which ULTRASONE headphones bring sound into the user’s hearing. The human ear is a complex miracle of nature. The entire ear is involved in the listening experience – including the auricle.

It is responsible for ensuring that we can perceive distances and directions. This is a particular challenge when listening to headphones, as the sound is often emitted directly into the ear.

ULTRASONE S-LOGIC  high-end-headphones.


Most current headphones generate so-called low-frequency fields when converting electrical signals to acoustic signals.

ULTRASONE has developed Ultra Low Emission technology, or ULE, specifically to minimize low-frequency fields. For this purpose, an MU metal shield is used as a partition (or buffer board) between the air volume at the ear and the ULTRASONE headphones capsules.

This shielding reduces magnetic radiation by up to 98% compared to standard headphones. Especially professional users who regularly work with their headphones for many hours at a stretch appreciate this feature. But ULE technology also benefits home users, especially during long listening sessions.

“Luxury for the ears”.

“Workmanship and materials are excellent”.

“Each of the premium headphones is unique”.

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“Unique technology, amazingly precise and powerful bass”.

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